Glitter Baby Footprints Gender Reveal Maternity Iron on - Pink Blue Boy Girl

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Adorable and sparkly GLITTER FOOTPRINTS!!! Such a cute way to announce you're expecting or to use for the gender reveal!

Don't settle for a giant pre-made pregnancy shirt that hangs like a tent. Select your own nice fitting cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blend shirt that flatters your fabulous pregnant body. Simple iron-on application is quick and easy to DIY, even if you're not usually a crafty person! If you can use a household iron, you can make this shirt yourself!

INCLUDES: One set of baby footprints each foot approximately 2" x 4". Detailed instructions on how to apply with a simple household iron are available.

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DOES NOT INCLUDE: Shirt or any other optional add on items that may be shown in reference photos.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING! Our decals come ready to iron on while other sellers send you pre-cut decals that still need to have the excess material peeled away ( called "weeding"), which leaves a lot of room for error. We make it easy, our iron-ons are cut and weeded before they are mailed, so when they arrive everything is ready to go! Protection Status