Personalized Circle Monogram Restickable Stickers - Set of 21

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Circle monograms are the trendy and cool way to personalize school supplies and more!

This set includes 21 circle monogram stickers (personalized in the traditional order: first initial, last initial, middle initial) in the following assorted sizes:

  • (2) 1"
  • (5) 1.5"
  • (8) 2"
  • (4) 2.25"
  • (2) 3"

Stickamajigger™ labels are washable, microwave & dishwasher safe, and water resistant

Daycare - Bottle, clothing tags, blanket tag, sippy cup, food containers, bottoms of shoes, 

School - Notebook, pencil box, locker, folder, water bottle, food containers

Camp - Clothing tag, water bottle, food containers

Stick, stick and restick...STICKAMAJIGGER® material never loses stickiness! Personalize just about anything without leaving sticky residue behind...indoors, outdoors, it doesn't matter!

We print our labels with eco-friendly ink on non-toxic indoor/outdoor material that is rip, wrinkle, and water resistant. Our STICKAMAJIGGER® labels have proven to hold up in the dishwasher, wash machine, microwave and freezer! (Our stickers were still sticky after spending a week at the bottom of the swimming pool...that was tested by accident!) 


  • Colors will vary by monitor and may appear different in person.
  • We do not accept returns on personalized products. Protection Status