Printed with eco-friendly ink on a patented non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, rip & wrinkle resistant material, our Stickamajigger products are truly remarkable. You can peel and stick and stick and re-stick on a variety of surfaces without ever losing stickiness or leaving a residue behind.

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    American Sign Language Poster - Peel & Stick
    Easy to peel and stick to almost any surface.
    American Sign Language Chart - Peel & Stick Poster
    from $ 10.00
    American Sign Language Fingerspelling Stickers
    Durable stickers are rip, wrinkle, and tear resistant
    American Sign Language Finger Spelling - Re-Stickable Stickers
    $ 10.00
    ASL ILY Diversity Glove Hand Stickers
    $ 14.99
    Organized School Paper Filing System
    Personalzied File Folder Labels for School Years
    File Folder Labels for School Years
    $ 15.00
    Great gift idea under $20
    Kitchen Measurement Conversion Stickers
    $ 15.00
    Use peel & stick footprints for fun pregnancy announcement
    Peel & stick footprints come in 3 colors - pink, blue, white
    Peel & Stick Baby Footprints - Gender Reveal Maternity Photos - Boy Girl Unisex
    $ 6.00
    Set of 10 American Sign Language Tiny Charts - Peel & Stick Cheat Sheet
    $ 8.00
    Set of 140 Rainbow American Sign Language ASL "ILY" Glove Hand Stickers / Envelope Seals
    $ 14.99
    STICKAMAJIGGER™ Poster Game - Stick the Red Nose on the Reindeer. Blindfold not included.
    STICKAMAJIGGER™ Poster Game - Stick the Red Nose on the Reindeer - Smooth Wrinkles
    Stick the Red Nose on the Reindeer Stickamajigger Poster Game + Numbered Noses
    $ 23.95
    Temporary pregnant skeleton decal for maternity costume
    Add a bow tie to your baby skeleton
    Stickamajigger Peel & Stick Baby Skeleton Decal
    $ 12.00
    STICKAMAJIGGER® Shadows - Black Cat
    $ 8.00
    STICKAMAJIGGER® Shadows - Crow
    $ 8.00
    STICKAMAJIGGER® Shadows - Cute Spiders (3pc)
    $ 8.00
    STICKAMAJIGGER® Shadows - Mouse + Mouse Hole
    $ 8.00
    STICKAMAJIGGER® Shadows - Raven
    $ 8.00
    STICKAMAJIGGER® Shadows - Velociraptor
    $ 8.00
    Shown with optional custom photo ornaments
    Toddlers LOVE decorating their own tree!
    Sweet Treats Christmas Tree Stickamajigger
    from $ 29.00