Host a Candyland Studio Fundrasier

Are you looking for a new way to raise money for your group or cause? 

For over 15 years we have designed, manufactured, and created an assortment of creative and personalized products. Now we would like to help you raise money for your cause through our new fundraising program with low minimum sales requirements and up to 50% profits!



Together we will

  • Discuss your goals
  • Select up to 10 products to sell
  • Determine timeline for your fundraiser (Order collection, Production, Distribution)
  • Help you raise $$ for your cause!

    Candyland Studio will:

    • Make product suggestions
    • Provide pricing and profit information
    • Set up a convenient website for online ordering - we manage all the order taking and payments!
    • Provide social media graphics and printable flyers to promote your fundraiser
    • Collect orders during designated time frame
    • Produce and package items quickly after end date
    • Ship direct orders to customers; ship remaining orders to you/your group
    • Issue a donation via check (or online payment) when final orders have shipped and fundraiser is complete

      Your Group will:

      • Promote the fundraiser through word of mouth, printable flyers, social media
      • Determine and communicate to customers how they will get their orders from you
      • Earn up to 20-50% of total retail sales for your cause

        For more information or to schedule your fundraiser please contact:

        Laura Meckley
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