Yard Sign Rental Terms & Conditions

By renting our yard sign displays you acknowledge and agree to the following:

We cannot guaranty a specific set up or removal time for displays. 

We are unable to stake our signs in gravel, concrete, flower beds, mulch, etc.

We reserve the right to decline rentals to a delivery area in which we feel is unsafe for any reason. Should this happen we will contact you ahead of time.


  • WATER the lawn within a couple days of delivery if it has not recently rained.
  • DO NOT mow, edge, or blow grass while signs are displayed.
  • CANCEL/RESCHEDULE any lawn service scheduled during the rental period; customer will be billed for any pieces that are damaged or require cleaning
  • NOTIFY at least one adult living at the address that we will be setting up a display on the property. We could be there late at night, or very early in the morning. It would be helpful if a light is left on so we can confirm the address.


While we encourage you to take many photos posing next to the displays, PLEASE, for the safety of all, do not allow children or pets to play on or around the setup. We cannot be held liable for injuries or damage caused to people, property or pets when touching or playing around our signs.

Be sure pets are kept away during the entire rental period from setup to removal.

Please DO NOT touch, move, or adjust our signs for any reason. Do not add balloons, streamers, or other decorations to our display. Any damage or loss of signs will be billed to the customer. 

If the display must be taken down early contact us and we will take care of it.

We will place a small business sign in your yard with our contact information. It will be placed off to the side of the display; Please do not move or hide it. We will also take photographs of the display for our social media and other marketing. /


  • 100% with 72 hour notice or if we are unable to set up due to inclement weather
  • 50% with less than 72 hour notice (or option to reschedule at a later date)
  • No refunds will be given if the wrong address is provided or if we cannot access a gated community.

Hold Harmless Agreement

Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the owners, officers, and employees of CS Yard Signs (a/k/a Candyland Studio/LZ Enterprises, Inc.) and the City of Olathe from liability and claim for any and all losses, penalties, settlement costs, damages professional fees or other charges arising from Candyland Studio's performance under this rental agreement. Agreement is in effect for the duration of the rental period as defined by the rental agreement. 


Last updated: 5/19/20

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