Apple Tree Literacy Restickable Poster Game

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If you are tired of using tape with paper games and activities that just get ripped and torn and thrown away after a couple uses, then you will LOVE this!

This RESTICKABLE 13 x 15 Alphabet Apple Tree poster is a fun, hands-on activity that helps children learn the uppercase and lowercase alphabet. PLUS you can use the 26 apple alphabet stickers a variety of other activities, AND the poster doubles as cute room decor!

Kids love the bold, bright colors and hands on fun while adults love that you can easily peel off and re-position or reapply to a variety of surfaces without leaving any sticky residue behind. Printed with eco-friendly ink on patented non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, rip & wrinkle resistant material so you can use year after year!

Activity Ideas:

  • Match uppercase letters to lowercase letters
  • Use apple stickers to spell basic words
  • Hide apple stickers around the room for Alphabet Hide & Seek
  • Stick apple stickers on objects around the room that begin with the same letter