Camping Kids Flannel Board Felt Story Set

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This cute outdoor theme felt set features various camping pieces (girl, boy, flashlight, hotdog on a stick, marshmallow on a stick, tree, water canteen, backpack, camper, fire, tent, trail sign, binoculars, and lantern), for a total of 14 pieces once cut.

Felt sets make a great teaching tool and fun educational activity to enhance and reinforce learning. Perfect for sign language instructors, parents, teachers, home school, preschool, and more!

READY TO CUT SHEET: Premium 12" x 18" felt sheets can be carefully hand cut with sharp scissors.

PRE-CUT UPGRADE: Pieces will be machine cut for precise and nicely defined edges

* Washable polyester felt is 2mm (thicker than standard craft store felt!) and quite durable
* Amazing visual contrast that can be seen from a distance (great for teaching) and kids love the cartoon-like pieces!
* Once cut, sizes range from approximately 1.5" - 6"
* Recommended for ages 3 & up; Fun for all ages, but we always suggest adult supervision when small children are around
* Felt board not included Protection Status