Large 12 x 18 Decal "Turn your love of wine into a paycheck" Stickamajigger {Restickable} with Custom QR Code

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12" x 18"  Stickamajigger RESTICKABLE decals can be applied to nearly any flat surface, can be removed and reapplied over and over! Mount on foam core to make your very own sign to display at wine tastings or other events, or apply to your car door to advertise while driving!

This item will appear wrinkled when it arrives due to the video below to see how easy it is to manage wrinkles with this amazing material!

Decals are personalized with your business name (optional), website, and custom Quick Response (QR) Code, which makes it super easy for curious potential customers/members to learn how you get paid to drink wine, and they can too! No need for them to write down long URLs, or take a photo of your contact info...simply scan the code and your page will automatically load for them!

How to scan QR Codes: If you have an iPhone with iOS 11 simply point your camera at the Code, click on the box that appears at the top.

If you do not have such option on your phone you can download a free QR Code scanner in the App Store.

Decals are printed with eco-friendly ink on a non-toxic indoor/outdoor rip, wrinkle, tear, and water resistant fabric-like material and should last for many years under normal indoor use. Decals used outdoors may be subject to extreme weather exposure and repeated car washes, which will reduce the longevity. While not required, we can apply a liquid laminate to your decal if you decide to use it outdoors to help extend the lifetime. The laminate manufacturer suggests laminating adds 1-5 years.


* Do not place these decals on your windows as they can obstruct your view.

* For easy shipping decals will be rolled up, sealed in plastic and mailed in a cardboard tube, so they will appear wrinkled when unpacked and unrolled. As a reminder, this material is wrinkle resistant, and winkles can be easily smoothed out during application. 

* Colors may appear slightly different on screen compared to actual print.

 * * * * *

1. Clean and dry surface area where decal is to be applied. Make sure no dust or debris is present.

2. Peel backing off sticker. 

3. Line up decal where desired, and carefully apply from the middle out, or top down using your fingers and/or a squeegee (or credit card) to apply pressure and avoid/smooth out air bubbles.

4. Once decal is in place rub over the area with your fingers.

5. Smooth out any air bubbles, or use a pin to poke a tiny hole into any stubborn bubbles that may remain.

HOW TO REMOVE: Carefully peel decal from surface.