Personalized Emergency ID Stickamajiggers - Set of 4

$ 10.00

Imagine your worst are in a car accident  with your children. You are unconscious when help arrives. When every second counts, how long will it take EMTs to get the information they need? Would a young child be able to even give their full name when in distress? What if the child is non-verbal? How will they communicate with first responders?

Be proactive and help protect your most valuable assets. Our Emergency ID Stickamajiggers provide vital information and help save precious time in the event of an emergency. Your child's photo and emergency contact info is printed on water-resistant restickable material that will not rip, winkle, or smear so you can easily apply, remove and reapply to almost any surface without leave a sticky residue behind.

Emergency ID Stickamajiggers are helpful in a variety of places:

  • Car seat (one on each side for easy visibility)
  • Booster seat (one on each side for easy visibility)
  • Baby carrier (one on each side for easy visibility)
  • Backpacks
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Backs of shirts during an outing
  • Give copies to grandparents for when they are caring for your children
  • Give copies to the babysitter or daycare center for quick reference

Slightly larger than the average business card (approximately 3.75" wide x 2.25" tall) and available in several colors, each sticker comes with an optional privacy layer if you prefer to hide personal information until it needs to be accessed. 

After purchase, please click the following link and complete the form to submit all necessary information for your stickers:

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