Extra Thick & Stiff Horizontal Rectangle Felt Blanks

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Custom cut white felt shapes come unscented in sets of 5 and can be decorated on both sides with sublimation prints or heat transfer vinyl. Once decorated, Add your favorite fragrance or essential oil as desired.

★ Made with STIFF, EXTRA THICK polyester felt (approximately 3/16" thick). (Soft/flexible options available in our shop.)

★ Includes white elastic cord


  • Lint roll prior to pressing
  • Adhesive spray or heat tape may be applied if needed
  • Lay felt piece on butcher/parchment paper, lay sublimation transfer face down on felt
  • Cover with another sheet of butcher/parchment paper
  • We usually press between 380-400 degrees F for 50-60 seconds with medium pressure; you can get a Scrap Pack to test your settings without risking your good blanks!
  • Carefully remove felt piece after pressing, let cool prior to pressing the other side

Approximate Size: 4"w x 3"h

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