Jolly Green Christmas Tree Stickamajigger(TM)

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How adorable is this cute, colorful and restickable Stickamajigger Christmas Tree?? Kids love it, pets ignore's super easy to put up and take down, and it takes up NO floor space. Choose from three different sizes to accommodate your available wall area.

This fun and festive item is wonderful for apartments, dorms, nursing homes, preschools, classrooms, and virtually any room in your home, and you can use it year after year! Printed with eco-friendly ink on patented non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, rip & wrinkle resistant material so you can easily peel off and re-position or reapply to a variety of clean, dry and flat areas without leaving any sticky residue behind on 99% of all surfaces. (Please allow a minimum of 30 days for freshly painted walls.)

Multiple layers make this tree easy to put up, take down, and even adjust the height based on your available space! You could even leave the bottom layer(s) off for a much shorter tree if you wish! 


(Width is based on widest layer, and height is approximate, based on assembly shown)

  • Giant 7' (84" tall x 47" wide) - great for big spaces
  • Skinny 7' (84" tall x 23" wide) - great for slim spaces with tall ceilings
  • Medium 4' (48" tall x 27" wide) - works for most areas
  • Desktop 2' (24" tall x 13" wide) - perfect for table top spaces

Included Pieces:

  • 1 Bucket Rug
  • 1 Tree Trunk
  • 4 Tree Layers
  • 1 Accessory Set*: Ornaments (quantity may vary), Bucket, Bucket Rug,Topper, 2 Gifts

*Choose your own Accessory Set!

Recommended for children ages 3 and up; Adult supervision always suggested when small children are around.

Please note colors may appear different on monitors.