Momma's Meals Kitchen Measurement Conversion Stickers

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Apply these cute decals inside your baking cupboard, recipe binder, or planner book for quick reference when baking or cooking. These decals are also fun to use in the classroom!

This custom set includes mason jars, measuring cups, measuring spoon and a covered serving tray. 

Better than vinyl decals:
* Apply Faster
* Remove Easier 
* More Durable
* Restickable 

Standard vinyl decals are great, but our STICKAMAJIGGER® decals are soooo much better...these are peel & stick so you can apply them faster than you can read application instructions! Plus, these amazing stickers are printed with eco-friendly ink on patented non-toxic, safe, biodegradable material that is water, wrinkle and rip resistant so you can stick, stick and restick as you please! Put them in your cabinet, in your planner, inside a recipe binder, on the counter, on the refrigerator, and reapply to most any surface without leaving a sticky residue.

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