PL Restickable PERSONALIZED Water Bottle Decals - 1 Sheet

Regular price $ 10.00

Includes one sheet of personalized stickers packaged in a clear bag with suffocation warning so they are retail ready.


We will add your logo to the packaging* (currently at no extra charge!) when you provide your logo in a suitable print ready (300 dpi) format. You only need to upload it once and we will keep it on file for a period of time. (If you need your logo converted/cleaned up we can provide a quote for the work.)

You must order a total quantity of 10 or more (each sheet can be personalized differently.)

Special pricing available if you are a member of our FB Group (discount code will be in the group.)

We are required to charge applicable sales tax in certain states unless you provide a state issued resale exemption certificate prior to ordering; you must set up a tax-exempt status account with us beforehand, sales tax will not be refunded once orders are placed.

*Please note that we are required by CPSIA laws to include certain information (business name, website, location and date of printing) on the packaging as the manufacturer.

* * * 

Stickamajigger™ labels are washable, microwave & dishwasher safe, and water resistant


Stick, stick and restick...STICKAMAJIGGER® material never loses stickiness! Personalize just about anything without leaving sticky residue behind...indoors, outdoors, it doesn't matter!

We print our labels with eco-friendly ink on non-toxic indoor/outdoor material that is rip, wrinkle, and water resistant. Our STICKAMAJIGGER® labels have proven to hold up in the dishwasher, wash machine, microwave and freezer! (Our stickers were still sticky after spending a week at the bottom of the swimming pool...that was tested by accident!) 


  • Colors will vary by monitor and may appear different in person.
  • Keep in mind the longer the name the smaller the text size, so please choose accordingly.
  • We do not accept returns on personalized products.
  • We will print as entered on your order (UPPERCASE, MiXeD cAsE, lowercase) so please be sure to enter exactly how you want it printed...this may not be applicable with some fonts. Protection Status