Santa Wore a Red Suit Felt Set - 11 LARGE pieces

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You won't find any other felt sets like ours! Your child is sure to love the vibrant colors and AMAZING details of Candyland Studio's felt sets. Educational and fun, these oversized pieces are wonderful for little hands.

This set includes 11 LARGE pieces wth stiff/sturdy backing.

Felt sets are perfect for teachers and parents alike. They make a great teaching tool and fun educational activity to enhance and reinforce learning at home with your child. Great for storytelling, teaching, or just plain fun.

* Eco-friendly felt is precisely cut for nicely defined edges and intricate details
* 2+ layers of high quality, colored felt, fabric, and/or other crafty materials for durability and detailed designs
* Washable (spot clean first, then if necessary wash in garment bag with cold water, dry on delicate cycle)
* Amazing visual contrast that can be seen from a distance (great for teaching) and kids love the cartoon-like pieces!
* Colors or shades may vary based on in stock materials
* Other materials may be used in place of felt when necessary to add small details
* Assembled by hand in a smoke free home
* Made for ages 3+, and we always suggest adult supervision when small children are around
* Sets are made to order, please allow 3-5 business days for shipping
* Felt board not included