Set of 140 Rainbow American Sign Language ASL "ILY" Glove Hand Stickers / Envelope Seals

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Features the American Sign Language (ASL) hand-shape for "I Love You". Simply peel and stick over and over as you like!

Set of (140) 1" round ILY heart hand stickers are great for all kinds of applications - seal your letters or wedding invitations, add to student papers, use in your planner or calendar, dress up packages or gifts, or stick them pretty much anywhere you want to spread a little love! Stickers are printed with eco-friendly ink on non-toxic indoor/outdoor material and are water resistant. PLUS these are restickable/reusable to stick, stick, and re-stick over and over!

Stick on windows, mirrors, paper, cardstock, walls, seal envelopes, add to your planner, stick on your phone you name it - add anywhere you want to spread a little love without leaving sticky residue behind. Material never loses stickiness! Inside, outside, it doesn't matter! Protection Status