Stick the Candle on the Cake - Restickable Poster Game

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If you are tired of using tape with paper games that just get ripped, torn and thrown away after a couple uses, then you will LOVE this!

Stick the Candle on the Cake is sure to be a hit at home, in the classroom, at a club party, or in any group setting. The adorable cake poster is so cute, you can leave it up as a decoration or stick it to the birthday girl's bedroom door all year long with her new age...Next year, change the candle!

This listing features a 12" x 16" poster print of a cake that you simply peel and stick to your wall, and ten (10) re-stickable candles are included. When you are ready to play the game, each participant closes their eyes and sticks the candle to the print....closest to the top of the cake wins!

Printed with eco-friendly ink on patented non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, rip & wrinkle resistant material so you can easily peel off and re-position or reapply to a variety of surfaces without leaving any sticky residue behind. Simply peel off the wall and put back on the original sheet for storage. Use year after year!

Please note the candle stickers are considered small parts/choking hazard and therefore game play is intended for ages 3 and up. Protection Status