Temporary pregnant skeleton decal for maternity costume
Add a bow tie to your baby skeleton
Add a hair bow to your baby skeleton
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Baby's First Costume - before he or she even leaves the womb!

This is the easiest and most convenient baby skeleton you will ever meet! Simply peel and stick to your belly whenever you want to show off your baby bump. Spill something, or want to wear a different color shirt? No problem, peel off the baby and stick to another shirt, how cool is that?! Great for pregnancy announcements or gender reveal parties. When you're done wearing this decal, add it to your baby's scrapbook!

Peel & stick baby sticks to practically any surface or fabric, and can be applied several times with proper use and care. (Remove from garment prior to washing.) For best results use a lint roller on your shirt to remove loose fibers and debris prior to applying your decal. Keeping the adhesive side of the decal as clean as possible will help prolong the useful life of your re-usable sticker. Number of times decal can be reused will vary.

INCLUDES: One baby skeleton (approximately 8" across x 5" tall), and BOTH one blue bow tie AND pink hair bow - use as you like, or not!

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Shirt or any other optional add on items that may be shown in reference photos.

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