#WINEBOSS Vinyl Decal Car Window Sticker

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Let everyone know you're the Wine Boss in your town! 

Decals are approximately 1.75" tall by 8" long, and letters are cut from white vinyl rated for outdoor use of 5+ years.


BUY MORE AND SAVE! The more you buy the more you save when you order multiples! Stick one on each side window and one on the back of your vehicle's window...don't forget your spouse's vehicle! (Be sure to save your receipt and check with your accountant because you can likely deduct the cost of these advertising tools at tax time!)

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1. Clean and dry surface area where decal is to be applied. Make sure no dust or debris is present.

2. Peel backing off sticker.

3. Line up decal where desired, and carefully apply the sticker from the middle out using your fingers and/or a squeegee (or credit card) to apply pressure and avoid/smooth out air bubbles.

4. Once decal is in place firmly burnish the entire area with your squeegee. 

5. Carefully, but firmly remove the clear top sheet pulling at a 45 degree angle.

6. Smooth out any air bubbles with your finger, use a pin to poke a tiny hole into any stubborn bubbles that may remain.

HOW TO REMOVE: Carefully peel decal from surface. Use a warm hair dryer to warm up the sticker if necessary. Clean any remaining adhesive.