Coffin Ornament MDF Blanks - Double Sided

Regular price $ 12.00

Custom cut double sided MDF hardboard blank is approximately 1/8" thick, glossy white on both the front and back, both sides can be sublimated. Cord/ribbon not included.

Optional bags available.

***SET OF 5***

APPROXIMATE SIZE: 4"h x 2.75"w

FRONT: Glossy White (sublimate or add vinyl)
BACK: Glossy White (sublimate or add vinyl)

Suggested Items:

  • White gift box
  • Save your good blanks - Get a Scrap Pack to test your settings! 


* Remove plastic film.
* If necessary, clean any remaining smoke residue with soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.
* Press at 380-400 degrees, medium pressure for 50-60 seconds. Protection Status