Scrap Pack for Felt Blanks

Scrap Pack for Felt Blanks
Scrap Pack for Felt Blanks
Scrap Pack for Felt Blanks
Scrap Pack for Felt Blanks

Scrap Pack for Felt Blanks

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Test your settings before risking your blanks! We now have two felt materials - soft and flexible, or stiff and thick.

Pack includes a handful of miscellaneous felt pieces, mis-cuts, scraps, etc. in various sizes made from the same material we use to cut our felt air freshener blanks.

Use the following as a suggestion, your settings may vary depending on your equipment.

⭐Lint roll prior to pressing

⭐Adhesive spray or heat tape may be applied if needed

⭐Lay felt piece on butcher/parchment paper, lay sublimation transfer face down on felt

⭐Cover with another sheet of butcher/parchment paper

⭐We usually press between 380-400 degrees F for 50-60 seconds (light pressure for stiff material, medium pressure for soft)

⭐Carefully remove felt piece after pressing, let cool prior to pressing the other side

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